i like your style.

i went to a wedding a week ago today for the couple i mentioned a few posts ago, and style was all around. from the bride's lovely handmade gown from china and the purple and origami accents, to the music and brilliant outfits and hairstyles of the guests.

i just have to share the look of one of my fellow partygoers here. alex, one of my husband's newest friends he met at the bachelor party, had such a smashing look for a spring wedding with his pink button-down, periwinkle frames and plaid bow tie to match his exuberant personality, curly locks and scruffy but manicured beard. guys, want to get attention - in a good way - at your next event? sport this look.

my own bright getup probably matched his better than it did my husband's, as i wore a purple lip color, yellow chain collar necklace and pink sari-inspired dress from last summer by rachel from rachel roy. the rrr line might just be my new favorite "younger sister" collection because although more affordable, it still works with high quality fabrics and interesting shapes and patterns, unlike most other designers' second-tier fashions for big box and department stores.

it's a little off topic, but my point is further supported by evidence of the newly purchased leather-blocked pants by rrr i finally got to wear in nyc this week, for instance...

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