in-flight entertainment

not yet at the proper elevation to turn on my mac, or wanting to dive into the reads my husband gave me for the flight yesterday - charles bukowski's hollywood - i was relieved to see this month's cover of delta sky. with a cover story featuring jason wu and subsequent stories on a yves saint laurent museum collection and a "what's in his bag?" column on brad goreski, i was set.

delta may not usually come through for me like jet blue with tv, checked bags or carry-ons (yes, that's partially directed at you, mr. check-in guy who tried to argue with me about the size of my bag, which did indeed fit in the overhead, no thanks to you) but i can always count on delta sky for some in-flight entertainment.

next up: shopping along 5th and dinner with one of my most fashionable friends after today's sessions at the prsa digital impact conference.

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