bohemian baby.

some people are just born with style. literally. 

and then there are some children that i am actually envious of because their wardrobes are better than mine (remember quinoa?). but to take it a step further, an extra few have the attitude that goes with all that fashion sense.

case in point: miss b.

just look at this bohemian baby! this is one of my best friend's little girls and she is so perfect in every way, as are her clothes, from her head to her toes. i seriously want this whole outfit, complete with the bracelet.

here are a few more "looks" i just had to share. (for some reason i feel like i have to put "looks" in quotes since she is a toddler.)

haha! look at that stance!

remind you of anyone?

those sandals! and that on-trend headband.

i call this one baby gaga.

feels really weird to be out-dressed by a baby. come on, mint green denim? 

as you can tell from these photos, she has the best shoe collection for an 18-month-old i've ever seen.

so take these for what they are...either inspiration for your baby or your own apparel, or just really cute pics!


  1. love this! :)
    {i feel the same way about way too many little girls, and their poses?! everything!}

    1. her poses are hysterical and i seriously want her shoe collection. stylist-in-training (she's certainly on her way to becoming rachel zoe with that attitude!).