throwback thursday: duck bill bikini.

since florida's spiny lobster season kicked off this week, it's only fitting that today's #tbt - or as we dubbed with last week's launch on facebook, #mff - is a blast from the past from one of my family's many weekend trips to the florida keys.

as you can see here, i was certainly a bronze beach baby. i practically grew up on my dad's boat, and in addition to being able to water ski, snorkel and fish better than i can now, i apparently also had better style.

first of all, i wore bikinis, which was a little edgy for kids back then...and yes, those are duck bills with faces on the top of this one. i remember it was a christmas gift from my mom's cousin. only in the palm beaches would that work! i kind of want the adult version of this now, except i think people may not be as amused by it as when i wore it as a child.

besides the swimsuit, i also apparently had super cool oversized reflective wayfarers (which were probably actually my dad's) and mini pink and navy thong sandals. ahhh those were the days.

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