throwback thursday: hello hollywood.

"all right, mr. demille, i'm ready for my close-up."

so i'm 99.9% sure that is not what i was thinking when this pic was snapped, and instead was preparing for my post-2nd grade summer camp debut as lead actress. i guess i really got into character! those tube tops are hysterical, and i kinda like that faux fur shawl. who knows, since acting didn't work out, maybe i have a future as a costume designer.

funny enough, i just reconnected with an elementary school friend yesterday, who i'm pretty sure "wrote" the play i performed in that day...which is reason #1 why it's this week's #tbt or #mff.

reason #2? i'm happy to inform you that prêt-à-porter pb will soon be prêt-à-porter la (hey, at least it rhymes!). yes, the adult version of the person in this photo will soon be making her way to hollywood too...or more like west hollywood, marina del rey or manhattan beach if all goes as planned.

more news to come, but the short story is that in a couple weeks i'll be joining my man who's already been out there working for a few months.

and no...i don't plan on living on sunset boulevard, no matter how this post started.

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