rock 'n' ruffles.

one of my favorite brands is also the creator of one of my favorite blogs. free people's bldg 25 is my go-to read for horoscopes, beauty diy projects, home and wardrobe styling ideas, and even gluten-free recipes...so pretty much everything. 

just when i thought it couldn't get any better, one of the bloggers, "fpjana," revealed these killer dresses last week (and so sweetly allowed me to borrow the photos!).

photo credit: fpjana on free people's bldg 25

the perfect blend of old school rock t-shirts and feminine fringe, ruffles and tutus, i'm really developing an unhealthy love for them...which is not so good for me - or my husband - considering they round up to $200.

according to jana, the limited edition vintage t-shirt renewal dress collection is an in-house collaboration between the brand's vintage loves and we the free lines. 

photo credit: fpjana on free people's bldg 25

i'm going to add one (or two, since i can't decide between the pink or black skirt) to my christmas wish list this year. until then, they'll continue to make my heart skip a few beats and i'll just have to pair my guy's 80s gnr tees with some tule.


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  1. Loving your ruffle dress. It would be a cool dress this winter season. Just add only the womens leather bomber jacket with hood only at Boutiqueken.