throwback thursday: cousins in rompers + 90s neon.

from standing on shoulders to standing beside each other on wedding days, this #tbt - and tomorrow's #mff - is dedicate to the best group of cousins ever (and my aunt for sending me these priceless pics from our trip to the keys!). 

sadly i can't be with them on thanksgiving this year, but i just booked my tickets to florida for christmas and can't wait to see these goofy faces at the "kids' table."

a lot of my fashion sense (at least i hope it's not a lack thereof) came from getting my "big girl cousin's" hand-me-downs. i only wish she still had this romper to pass it along now. it was the bomb. i can totally see it belted with some sheer tights, a leather jacket and boots. instead, now i'm passing along my rad style to her daughter - my goddaughter - as you may remember from an old post.

but it wasn't just her sporting the iconic 90s look. how about this dope neon look on the dudes? all that's missing is ac slater's mullet. such a safe activity we're taking part in, too.

and then there's me. i guess nothing has changed...always talking...even when i'm half asleep.

p.s. i guess this is a big week for nkotb...this is the third time i've alluded to them. pretty sure both ash and i are idolizing them on our shirts in this photo. donnie wahlberg...my sis says wassup.

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