a flea worth catching: long beach antique market

today i went to the mother of all flea markets: the long beach antique market. if you are impulsive and have money to spend (or even think you do), this is not the place for you. as a recovering shopping addict myself, i had to use some major self control.

it takes place on the third sunday each month at the long beach veterans stadium.the guy and i went for a little sunday treasure hunting, but there wasn't much hunting needed. it seems to be never-ending and you don't know where to look first. the place is packed with antique dealers, jewelry craftsmen, vintage clothing sellers and more offering anything i could want in my home...closet.  

even if you're not hoping to add re-purposed furniture, eclectic old signage, antique cameras, old storage crates, a 70s fur jacket, turquoise jewelry or a choice of 100 flannel shirts to your collection, it's a great date spot just to look at all the weird and sometimes creepy items. also perfect for funny gifts.

i'm not sure where to start here...

i was going to call the former photo creepy and this one weird...
but maybe i had it backwards. i mean, is this long beach or margaritaville?

prices are all over the place. some are high, some are low. we personally came home with an antique military trunk and wooden storage box for $32 and $15, respectively, to be the two newest pieces in our living room once we clean them up.

we made so much noise rolling out that dang trunk that it was mildly embarassing...or maybe more than that seeing that i walked in front of him to pretend i wasn't with him. 

i also wanted to add some old high school lockers to our entertainment center, and "a" wanted to bring home dr. martens and a vintage chevy bumper to hang on the wall, but we had no idea how to pack them in our little car. 

maybe next time. because i know where i'll be nov. 17.

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