fashion line of the day #1

sometimes you need a few kind words to get through the day. some of us have uplifting tear-off calendars, my mom's boss e-mails her teachers inspirational quotes each day, and i think jason from the wild morning show reads off silly thoughts of the day.

me? i need a contstant stream of fashion, which is why i thought i'd combine the two for you by unveiling my "fashion lines." i'll bring you quotes by renowned designers, one-line tips from fashion mags, notes from the red carpet and other general style sayings to add a little glamour to your day.

so here it is, and today's line comes from a sweet gift our fabulous intern bought me:

"i can deal with anything if i have the right shoes."

christian louboutin's lady page velvet-bow pumps in oxblood from bergdorf's
because if i had these shoes, i could rule the world.

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  1. ummm i love you for this :) -fabulous intern