monday morning quarterback meets clothes for bros

this is kind of a double mmq this week since i posted about fsu's white-out game friday in my fashion line of the day, but i noticed a line of men's college sports shirts this weekend that i've never seen before and decided to give our guys a little more love.

football fashion choices for men can be a little boring, unless of course you're one of those guys who chooses to sport themed boat shoes or pastel pants and bow ties to the game. if you're not one of those good ole' boys (or for you girls: your boyfriend is not one of those boys), which i'm assuming most of you aren't, then here's a post for you.

nordstrom carries a line called red jacket clothing, which caters to both men and women in the team t-shirt category. it carries shirts that boast college and professional sports, all of which have vintage flair. the brand's web site says, "as an active sports enthusiast, one should be able to find unique sportswear with a distinctive fashion style. as a fashion concious individual, one should be able to combine progressive fashion with vanguard sports cultures."

my opinion on the brand? from extra-soft, slim-fit crewnecks to retro, faded and distressed tees and hoodies, red jacket makes it easy for men to dress good and still look masculine at the same time. the prices are reasonable too.

i know for sure that nordstrom at the mall at wellington green carries fsu and uf t-shirts by red jacket, but here are a few others for you non gator and nole fans.

remote control miami t-shirt, $45

georgia tech brass tacks arch t-shirt, $35

tar heels brass tacks logo t-shirt, $32
and my favorite, the michigan standback hoodie, $95

if you don't see your team here, no worries. red jacket carries designs for the majority of state and popular private colleges. ladies, red jacket has options for you too, so check them out.

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