monday morning quarterback

with the 2009 college football season kicking off this weekend, fans are gearing up for tons of pre-game preparations. no, i'm not talking about studying stats, purchasing tickets, ordering special channels or even looking for a place to park to tailgate...it's all about figuring out what to wear!

i'll admit, i still love this shirt, but it's time to move on from the witty college tees...

in recent years, especially in the southern states, team t-shirts just don't cut it anymore. we girls (and guys...ever been to a tailgate with the frat boys in themed sperry's or pastel chinos and bow ties?!), put more planning than ever into our outfits, whether its the georgia peaches in their red & black shift dresses with matching ribbons, lsu ladies in their purple ruffled tanks, or alabama belles in their houndstooth skirts.

that's why every monday throughout football season, i'll be offering a playbook of sorts to help you put together your outfit for the weekend. i'll coach you on where to find specially made gameday dresses, create one-of-a-kind outfits, how to dress fresh at each game while sticking to a budget, and more.

check back tomorrow for your first monday morning quarterback post (or wednesday morning for this first one), and then again each monday for follow-ups!


  1. thanks kendall! if there's anything else you want to see for football season, just let me know.