girl on fire.

so at 12:19 a.m. eastern time, it's safe to say that high school girls on spring break, 20-something year old women and their significant others who were dragged along are all just getting into the first few minutes of what may be the movie of the year.

i might be obsessed with the books, but no, i am not one of those girls watching the hunger games tonight at the midnight premiere because frankly, i didn't expect to be up at this hour. my friend julie and i are going to see it tomorrow night and i cannot wait.

to get me even more excited, she surprised me with this cute katniss-inspired tee with the story's mockingjay pin worked into the iconic "love" sign...very appropriate. and yes, i will be rocking this to the movie tomorrow. my husband is pretty happy he will be in los angeles tomorrow so he does not have to be seen with me.

while it certainly did not turn out as well as the shirt, i also ordered some of china glaze's "capitol colours" a couple weeks ago, and i painted on a few swipes of "stone cold" to get prepped for tomorrow.
stay tuned for more hunger games-related posts after i get up-close looks of the "capitol" fashions tomorrow. until then, may the odds be ever in your favor...

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