sexy swimwear: more is more.

some of my favorite florida fashions have the smallest amount of fabric, and they start popping up this time of year.

the 2012 trends in swimwear are quickly showing that more is more when it comes to these bathing beauties. one-pieces are back from last year, as are high-waisted and fuller bottoms, plus tops with innovative ways to tie them on and a lot more material in the patterns than we've seen in years past. i love it and couldn't find these styles to be any sexier because the more they cover, the more they leave to the imagination. here are a few of my favorites from what i've seen so far this season:

is known for its line of lingerie, but i was excited when i read on daily candy that the brand started designing swimwear. all options are cute, but here is the "starboard," which comes in two-piece and one-piece versions (the latter also comes with a little skirt!).

the next one snuck up on me as i was working to promote the new pop-up shop by farasha boutique and nolcha fashion week in downtown west palm beach. the boutique was holding trunk shows this past weekend with a few of the featured designers, including graffinis swimwear. all the styles are reversible to give two options (perfect for someone who lives by the beach like me and needs to switch it up often), with one side featuring artwork inspired by new york graffiti. number one on my list? this one-piece which features the best use of a qr code i've ever seen.

this bandage-style bikini from h&m is also top on my list, and surprisingly the lowest cost at only $14.95 for the top and $12.95 for the bottom. i saw it online, but here in the u.s. we can't order it through h&m's site. i stopped in the gardens store hoping to pick it up, but it was the one suit shown on the site that i couldn't find in-store. since i'm traveling to nyc next week for work, i'm going to work on trying to find it there...wish me luck!

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