may the fashions be ever in your favor.

friday night i did something i've been waiting months for...watched the hunger games! i couldn't wait to see one of my favorite books put to life, especially through some of "the capitol's" coveted clothes and katniss' fiery fashions. after seeing the costume designers' views of panem's styles, i put together a few of my own movie-inspired mashups.

some of my film favorites were effie trinket's effing hot hairdos and makeup, but here are a few looks i pulled from pinterest that i think were missing from the mix, including dip-dyed locks, glitter substituted for eyebrow pencil, mauve tresses, and a trend i've been taking up myself lately, deeply purple lips:

as for the look i'm certain everyone was waiting for - the cinna-designed gown and hairstyle katniss wore during her breakout interview with caesar - i think the costumers dropped the ball. the movie version of the ensemble was a little tame for my taste, looking much like a current dalia macphee design.

i would've much preferred to see a more daring fusion of a few red carpet fashions from this year's academy awards. the shimmery bottom of cameron diaz's gucci gown would have been absolutely perfect for katniss' famous fluttery twirl. pair that with the one-sleeved draping of
kate mara's soft and flirty beaded dress by jack guisso, and top it off with the most sought-after color of the year from michelle williams' louis vuitton choice and i think we have a winner.

i didn't care for the hairstyle the movie's "cinna" chose either. it was a little too prom queen for me, and one of these goddess-like braided looks would have been much better, which i also pulled from pinterest:

one look i thought was spot on was the futuristic, head-to-toe leather suit both katniss and peeta wore as they entered the games' opening ceremonies. allsaints carries a number of pieces to help us wear it ourselves, that is, if they were set ablaze with cinna's flaming cape creation.

what costumes were your favorite? and can you think of others that would have better fit the bill? share in the comments!

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