back to blogging.

it's been a while since i've blogged. ok, ok, ok, before a few days ago it had been a year and a half. what can i say? life got in the way, but i'm happy to be back to blogging!

since then, i've had a few life changes. i ran the boston marathon, moved to the beach, did my first triathlon, had nine friends announce they were pregnant - and then five of them already had the babies - and had several more get married. oh ya, one thing i forgot... i replaced my bcbg studded skull ring with a tiffany & co. solitaire and a pair of black and white diamond bands (i still wear that skull ring; just moved it to the other hand)!

needless to say, wedding planning may have also had something to do with my lack of blogging too. the one thing seems to remain the same is my obsession with teen stories. the only difference is that it changed from twilight and "gossip girl" to hunger games and "pretty little liars." they might be silly, but at least they all have good style!

over the next few weeks i'll catch you up on the past few months and more of my new loves in between other regular posts, and i bet you can guess what one of those recent additions is if you've read my last two posts...

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