the world's most stylish soda.

marketing professionals everywhere are either applauding or gagging this week as jean paul gaultier was named diet coke's new creative director. it's not a first for the stylish soda, as karl lagerfeld and matthew williamson have both held the title before, and i think the seemingly over-caffeinated and creative designer is perfect for the role.
gaultier is not only taking over the reins in can and bottle design (noted by wwd). he is also playing a role in the marketing campaign, as shown in a video uploaded by diet coke last week... which i'm kind of surprised has only received 302 youtube views as of writing this post. the video is a bit strange with puppets and such, but i would expect no less from the avant-garde designer and i must admit i kind of liked it! here's a quick shot from the video to give you an idea:

i'm hoping for a white soda can in gaultier's signature stripes, but please, no aluminum dressed in cone-shaped bras a la madonna! what about you?

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