red sole special.

about three or four years i ago mistakenly/regretfully/shamefully - however you want to put it - missed the opportunity of a lifetime to by picking up a pair of $245, size 7, neon yellow christian louboutins off the metal sale rack at saks fifth avenue at the gardens mall...and then setting.them.down.

i have no idea what i was thinking...that $245 was too much? that would have been the purchase of a lifetime. i went back right away the next day, but it was too late. well i may have gotten a second chance today. ok, not exactly. or even close to exactly, but i was able to find a similar pair...without the red soles. 

it was the first time since that day that i've seen a pair of neon yellow pumps for less than $600 since then (or the first pair that did not look like they should sold by a discount bikini and t-shirt vendor on the jersey shore, anyway). while browsing the buy one, get one 50 percent off promotion at nine west today i spotted the love fury heels in neon yellow patent leather (they also come in neon pink and orange)! 

i've held on to the $100 gift card i received for my birthday for quite a while now, and felt that it was finally time to cash it in. i got these and another pair from the sale section to total just a little more than my gift card. 

only problem...they don't ship until july 16. i just hope the neon look isn't out by then.

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