sunset at sailfish.

as a palm beach county native, sailfish marina has always been one of my favorite places. i practically grew up on the boat there, later learning to fish, dock a boat and drink a beer with my dad all within the slips right there on singer island. the memories from the sunset celebration - a.k.a. sunset at sailfish - along the docks every thursday evening started even earlier, with my mom selling her handmade jewelry and fish and bubble-embellished children's clothing among the other artists and crafters back in the 80s.

it was those memories that swarmed back in tonight as the family and our friends headed back for a summer sunset after work. we started with grouper dogs and the art festival's classic "orange crush" cocktail before checking out the vendors. that's when two cute little kids walked up with this perfect sale pitch off the back of their dad's boat.


while i didn't want to look like a tourist wearing a haiwain lay hawaiian-style lei in florida, there was no way i could say no to these adorably determined faces, selling leis made from frangipanis, fishing line and hooks for only $1.50.

my sister and friend maria got the first two readymade floral necklaces, and the boys made sure to give me these bonus gifts while i waited as they made mine:

i proudly wore the final product all over that marina.

to go back earlier in the night, it wasn't all about the flowers. while waiting for my family and friends to arrive before hitting the art show, i took a stop in the the ship store i knew so well growing up.

although i'm not usually into the tropical clothes that are typical of beachy florida, i have to say, the sailfish shop has come a long way from all those tommy bahama clothes from 10 years ago...

expensive for a sundress, but this is just one of the few prints and patterns that stuck out to me from this brand.

sealife medallion straw clutch, bag lady by mudpie, $35.
very palm beach-chic, lined in none other than hot pink and a gold sea shell.

i snapped a picture of these friendship bracelets too, because the buyers for the shop probably have no idea just how "on trend" they are right now by selling these, which are most likely meant for kids.

have you been to sunset at sailfish before? what are your favorite parts? i didn't get into the vendors tonight since many didn't show up due to rain earlier in the day, but we'd love to hear your thoughts about them in the comments below.


  1. Aw so cute! Those kids sound pretty creative – I never ventured outside the lemonade-stand box.

    I'm really loving tropical stuff right now. Those kids are clearly right on trend!

    Sea and Swank

  2. i know! they were adorable and so smart. i couldn't bear to say no to them!