simply tweet accessories.

last night i dragged myself in the house late after a day of work followed by a dinner meeting with some lovely ladies from the junior league of the palm beaches at cafe sapori. i was ready to crash in bed when i saw my husband left a black box and fedex slip waiting on the stairs for me.

it was the personalized bauble bar necklace i had been waiting for! the little nameplate, or "twitter-plate" as they call it, is just as delightfully sweet as i'd expected it to be in rose gold. it features the account name for both the blog's instagram and twitter handles: @pretaporterpb.

want your own? bauble bar makes them in silver and yellow gold, in addition to the blush-colored version for $88. if you're new to bauble bar and want to save $10, you're in luck! just become a member by creating an account and they'll take $10 off your first order of accessories. there's lots of fun promotions and surprises in store as a member, so you won't regret it.

managing more than one account? even though i went with the bauble bar version, i was pretty close to purchasing survival of the hippest's "two-name tweetheart necklace," simply because i've accumulated quite a few twitter handles over the years and thought i might need a second line. if you're in the same boat, you may want to check out their options as well.

now i can't wait until the next tweetup! in the meantime, find me on twitter, instagram and pinterest to keep up with all the travels of this pretty little tweet-plate.

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