stop for directions.

my friend teresa invited me to spin class today and since it's been so long since i've worked out seen her, i was all over that. only problem - i was already at work when i noticed the text, and i don't think my below-the-knee thrift store skirt or hippie-chic jessica simpson heels ( < yes, i just said that) would work very well for cycling.

lucky for me, my man is into spinning today too, so i asked him to grab some workout clothes for me from home, and it shouldn't be too hard for him to pair up some of my matchy matchy lululemon apparel, and my insanely neon, "highlighter" asics gel-noosa tri sneakers are pretty hard to miss.

his text response? "just send me a map of your closet with directions." 

haha, very funny. i get it, my closet is almost the same size as the bedroom itself...with a lot of clothes shoved in there. but since not exactly everything i want to wear is in my closet, i figured he had a point. so here is my obnoxiously detailed map, complete with color-coded directions per storage location.

 zoom for more detail. extra points if you can tell who's on tv.

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