thug closet.

when i'm not busy working, writing, shopping or running, one of the few other things i have time for lately is cooking. and when i cook, i like to keep it as "clean" eating as possible. luckily for me, in addition to miles of styling ideas, pinterest always has tons of dinner ideas. but even those recipes can be deceiving sometimes with ingredient lists longer than i have time for, or can get a little stale and boring...which is why i am suddenly addicted to thug kitchen.

it's certainly "clean" in that it focuses on vegan cooking, but the tagline is quite the opposite. if you haven't heard of it yet, you must be living under a rock. it exploded recently - especially on facebook - even though the blog is not all that populated yet. and guess who shares our obsession? the always stylish gwyneth paltrow. here's a quick clip from when she talked about it on the rachel ray show:

now, we must warn you, if you're offended by the "f-word," do not bother with this blog. on the other hand, if you swear like a sailor or just think cursing can be funny like us, you'll be obsessed with these meat-free recipes and the hilarious commentary that goes with it.

we sort of wish we were the fashion equivalent.

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