bandage bikini.

it's only halfway through the week and i'm already dreaming about the beach. i'd obviously rather be lounging in the sand near the ocean than sitting at a desk all day, but that's not the real reason i'm longing for the weekend. mostly, it's because i can't wait to wear my new bandage bikini again. 

i first spotted this beauty last summer on the website for h&m, but could sadly never find it in stores. lucky for me, i surprisingly spotted the sexy swimwear this year - in a much better mix of neutral with a pop of neon, might i add - during a trip to the store for printed pants. obviously i scooped it up.

it's not too skimpy but still looks stylish with the crossed and layered fabric. it reminds me of herve leger dresses, tricking me into thinking i'm wearing something more expensive than a $17.95 top.

so until this weekend when i can bring the swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses and towel back into my schedule, i'll be day-dreaming about scenes like this...

bacon bloody marys anyone?

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