film festival fashion: 'kundalini.'

i am so proud of my guy. the man who has a wardrobe that consists of countless black t-shirts, spanish futbol jerseys, levis, camo cargos and converse made his first purchase at h&m yesterday...on his own! sure, it was still within his comfortable realm of dark colors void of any patterns or artwork, but he braved the march into fast fashion on his own free will to pick up a navy blue hoodie.

why? i'd like to think that i rubbed off on him and it was just to shop for the heck of it, but i think his visit had something more to do with the real stem of my pride... a's new short film (no, not this "a," this "a").

kundalini screens tonight as part of the palm beach international film festival "voices of local film," and apparently it was the only place he could find an inexpensive, plain-colored sweatshirt to wear in the movie theater. i would have gone a slightly more adventurous with this or this, but am satisfied with the baby steps.

so, here for the shameless plug, i'll give you a sneak peek of his satirical "new age" film, via the vine app.

want to see more? come to cobb theaters at downtown at the gardens at 7 p.m. tonight. yours truly may have had a hand in the oscar-worthy makeup artistry too (hey, the guy is not the only one with a sense of humor in this relationship).

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