dress for the fest.

every once in a while i'm lucky enough that my day job and this little ol' hobby of mine get to collide. yesterday was one of those "once in a whiles," thanks to cityplace and sunfest.

that's because cityplace launched a "dress for the fest" contest, asking fans to share their sunfest style on facebook in honor of our own east coast music festival in downtown west palm beach. the winner scores a free pair of tickets and $250 worth of gift cards to cityplace to get all the fashion and beauty essentials. pretty good deal, if you ask me.

i'd enter on behalf if i could, but something tells me i'm a little too close to the source to win. for that reason, i'm asking that you, my readers, please enter on my behalf. if you choose to submit, please feel free to post your photos to the prêt-à-porter palm beach facebook page too so we can get a peek!

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