red coat + the 'a' team.

those who are as obsessed with "pretty little liars" as me surely caught the big season finale last night. in typical teen soap opera fashion, it was as absurd and cliff-hanging than ever before. and i loved every second of it.

since "red coat" kept popping up all over this season, here are a few red hot items that might be better suited for the always stylish "a" team and friends foes to get you through the off-season. we much prefer these diagonal zippers, leather, leopard, studs and sans-sleeves to the boring apple-colored coat "a" wore...plus none have a hood to hide her face! 

red coat + the 'a' team

clockwise from left: steve madden red coat, mod cloth"always a step ahead" t-shirt, kidsonlyworld.com / distressed bomber jacket, forever 21 /embellished guess vest, shortyshorts on etsy.com / dolce vita red leopard print coat, urban outfitters

the "always a step ahead" tee is just a  bonus, as it's an on-trend and subtle way to show the show some support, and only those who watch will know what it's all about.

it's hard to wait for june 11 when the summer season starts up again, but until then, click here for an exclusive clip and look into what lies ahead that abc family posted on facebook last night.

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