mad men yourself: draper style.

earlier this week it it was an ode to hbo's "girls," but today we're showing some old fashioned love to another favorite that's ramping up again: amc's "mad men." season six starts on april 7, and if you can't wait for the show and its mod 60s fashions like us, check out the tv show's app, "mad men yourself."

i went all megan draper "movie star style," adding a fur shrug and lots of accessories, of course...and they even had my new hair color! i was disappointed in that they didn't have any caricatures of outfits like the fabulous dress she's wearing in the season six preview photos though, or the longer hairstyles of the late 60s/early 70s.

my guy and i had fun making the mad men version of him too. and it looks weirdly a lot like him...except that apparently the 60s version of alex wears nicer, non-black clothing. and the 2013 alex would never be caught dead in those shoes.

and yes, this might be what i wear to work at sterling cooper draper price...maybe the martini too.

still out of place, this scene is at least a little more fitting.

this app is getting both of us in the mood for tomorrow, when we'll both be working a student film awards show that has a "retro" theme. i'm still planning what to wear, but taking from the app, as well as through costume designer janie bryant's "mad men" style videos. if it turns out well, you may be reading more about "mad men" tomorrow...

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