sunfest lineup 2013.

hey sunfest, the 90s called and they want their music back...

but they aren't getting it.

the 2013 sunfest lineup was announced yesterday, and although there's some pluses (the bands where the middle school nostalgia will be running high) and minuses (let me put it this way...i really hate the sound of trains of all types) for my personal taste, overall i'd say it's gonna be a good year. my husband is already talking about buying the five-day pass this year, which he's never said before.

while i can't wait to see smashing pumpkins, the black crowes and even reel big fish, i'm most excited for the festival fashions to come back (it's the best i can do until i get to coachella one day!). we'll circle back at the beginning of may, but until then, take a look at some of the sunfest street style we spotted last year. 

and if you're over the music fests or just want a good laugh like me, click here to see this hilarious lineup.

p.s. sunfest, with more than 2,000 shares on facebook alone this year, not to mention blogs like us sharing your awesome news, don't forget to brand your lineup artwork next year, pretty please!


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