songs for style: sunfest edition.

music can be so influential and defining in our lives in general...for example, i think there were at least three references to guns n roses during my wedding ceremony, thanks to my husband...but it is also a good representation of a person's overall style. 

so this is a new "songs for style" section i'm launching here, based off the old list of songs we had running down the side of the website years ago. every few posts i'll try to make a recommendation on a new song to listen to that is representative of my style for that day.

on today's list? "tonight, tonight" by smashing pumpkins. 

why, you ask? well first, duh, because i cannot wait to see them - or billy corgan and friends, anyway - at sunfest, which was just announced yesterday. second, it's got a super artistic music video inspired by the silent film, a trip to the moon, by georges méliès, and people just don't make creative music videos like that anymore. and last, because i had a fun night out with some of my girl friends and coworkers "tonight, tonight" at city cellar, followed by pizza with my man at my all-time favorite, mellow mushroom at cityplace.

have your own great night by downloading the song through itunes here.

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