prague pants.

living by the beach and working at cityplace should make me appreciate the gorgeous sunny weather we had today, but seeing facebook photos of my friends up north and over seas still has me itching to go back to the slopes (yes, i just pulled a humblebrag).

a lot of it started with this pic of one of my best friends, tracy, who i haven't seen since last summer...when she moved to prague! besides being jealous of that intensely beautiful backdrop that looks like scene from a postcard, she had on the most fun pants that we girls just can't get away with in florida.

she said she got them for 120kc from a stand at the kacerov metro station, and even though i have no idea what the hell that means and it will soon be 95 degrees here, i want them. 

they remind me of these snowy chic leggings i saw in the burton winter 2013 lookbook before we took a mini ski trip to beech mountain and appalachian ski mountain in north carolina last month. sadly, i didn't buy them because again, what does a (north) palm beacher need with snowflake-printed legs in post-vacation springtime? 

so, for the south floridians like me who want to get their patterned legging fix but aren't "snowed in," i recommend something slightly different. while scoping out the shops at cityplace during a video shoot today, a few of us noticed these on-trend tribal-ish yoga leggings by pink at victoria's secret. 

i love the wide band at the top and may have to get a pair of my own soon...as soon as they go on sale, anyway.

until then, stay tuned for more european trends from tracy, as we've asked her to send us the top looks (or funny finds) from the czech republic and beyond. because, let's face it, they knew about skinny pants, ballet flats and the converse comeback before we did, and we want to know what's up next.

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