songs for style: 'girls' edition.

"what's with all the geisha shit?"

i think that may have been my favorite line in tonight's totally intriguing yet seriously disturbing episode of hbo's "girls." it even had me wondering and questioning my man as to whether he thinks i act like shoshanna - who was wearing ruffled sleeves in that scene and has a dress form in her bedroom - as much as i'd rather think i'm more like the cool and carefree jessa, whose costuming is incredible.

so, in honor of this season's sunday night obsession, which is even beats out "pretty little liars" in my tv world, today's song for style is fiona apple's "valentine," which aired on tonight's episode. (no...i did not choose kayne's "stronger," for anyone who watched marnie sing tonight and thought that's where i was going with this!) here's the link to download "valentine" on itunes.

just another reason why i love "girls." it reminded me how much i love fiona, and of my "romantic" anniversary gift a few months ago when we got to see her at the filmore down in miami...and how i got to wear the perfect dress, again.

side note: did you know there is a deborah lippmann line of limited edition "girls" nail polish on the hbo website?!?

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