i've got my eye on you: world sight day.

tomorrow is one of the few days - or maybe the only day - that it's ok to #beshady. and no, i don't mean sketchy. i'm talking about wearing your shades all day long...even indoors and rocking those sunglasses at night...and finally no one can make fun of you for it.

this is because oct. 10 is world sight day. toms, the worldwide "one for one" brand that also happens to be based in los angeles, is spearheading the initiative to raise awareness for visual impairment and blindness worldwide. originally known for its cool and comfy shoes and generous giving, the brand made its way into eyewear and helps get eye care to those in need for every pair purchased. here's this year's world sight day promo from the toms youtube channel:

to support the cause, share the tweetable eye charts, download a diy toolkit, sport a #beshady tee and sign up for updates online in exchange for a "shady strap" (also known as croakies for all you fishermen and frat guys).

to support the brand behind it, pick up a pair of these good-looking limited edition wsd pheonix shades with gold mirror lenses and blue tips for only $55. 

i think i'll be making a stop back into toms' venice retail shop this week to make my purchase. that's the excuse i'll be using anyway, although i really don't need one to visit the amazingly perfect store/coffee bar/reading lounge/yoga garden again and get another cup of the best chai latte i've ever tasted. 

if you participate (and you should), share your photos with us on the blog's facebook page. don't forget to tag #beshady!

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