halloweek: daria costume.

as you can see from yesterday's post, a diy halloween costume is easier than you think.

but if a bikini and ski mask is not your cup of tea and you have brown hair and bangs (or are not opposed to a wig), then try this one on for size. 

easy costume #2:

halloweek: daria.

h&m t-shirt / calypso st. barth army jacket / h&m imitation leather pleated mini skirt
mia combat boots from macy's / warby parker fillmore glasses

daria. it's super easy and i literally have something like every one of these items in my closet in order to pull it off. her best friend jane would be fun and simple to create too, if your sidekick can manage the black bobbed hair.

still not impressed? check back for even more ideas tomorrow.

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