hallowednesday: wigging out.

here's to my favorite holiday: halloween. from the massive amounts of candy to the skull decorations to the social acceptance of dressing up like someone else, what's not to like? except for maybe the sexy {insert witch, little bo peep, cop, mobster or other generic character} costume, of course.

so to start celebrating early, i picked up a few $1 and $5 treats from target like glow-in-the-dark skeleton window clings, a glittering faux pumpkin and orange and pink light strands to decorate the new home. while i was there, i also spotted these works of art:

to kick off my weekly october "hallowednesday" posts, it only made sense to start with these "big fun" wigs by chris march. they are fantastic. unfortunately my iphone pic doesn't quite do them, or their size, justice. with options that range from geisha and medusa to monster bride and a pink afro, i wish i owned every single one.

plus, they remind me of the crazy "hair" adorned and created by my fabulous drag queen waitress during my bachelorette party at lips in ft. lauderdale, so you know i'm in love. 

which style of the big fun wigs would you wear?

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