new age rosie the riveter: 'we can cure it!'

"we can cure it!" 

that was the motto of these boating beauties last weekend, which included my cutie little sis, as rosies the riveters. they competed in the annual bluewater babes fish for a cure tournament at square grouper in jupiter, fla. to support breast cancer research, so while i can't be in the palm beaches in person, i'm lucky i've got them to send me the fashion-focused updates to share with you here.

now for the close-up of ash. she's wearing a forever 21 button-up chambray tank, billabong cut-offs, a worker's belt, a swipe of bright lipstick and a scarf from target. but not in the typical red. in this case, the girls opted for pink for breast cancer awareness month.

how perfect is she?

and here's a look at the tricked-out boat. i really don't think it could've been any better. apparently the judges agreed because these lovely ladies took home first prize.

to wrap up the post, here's the photo sis sent me at 7 a.m. pacific time...that led to a text convo that included about five imessages back and forth with my dad. i supposed they forgot i live three hours behind them now and no longer have to wake up early to get in my weekend long run since the temperature is much much nicer on the body. i guess it was worth it :)

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