halloweek: axl rose costume.

still stuck on costume ideas even after a whole halloweek? well here's one for a guy or a girl. strawberry blond hair not included.
halloweek: axl rose.

madewell flannel shirt / rock tank top from etsy / all-saints leather jacket / high waisted shorts from etsy / charlotte russe above knee socks / dr. martens boots / a|x armani exchange dog tag necklace / angie leather bracelet from swell.com / forever 21 stud bracelet set / toms aviator sunglasses / topman bandana

originally this was my half of our "couple's costume" for this year, and i sort of can't believe i'm sharing it. but since "a" wouldn't go to the weho event with me, i opted to give up axl rose to you guys.

i took a few liberties here, for any of you die hard fans judging this (ahem, my husband), but trust me, if you put it all together correctly, everyone will still get the idea. mainly with denim shorts versus spandex, and a choice saying removed from the jesus shirt. you could also use a black tie dye shirt and get the same effect.

don't forget to tie the flannel around your waist and the bandana across your forehead with the aviators resting on top. and show up late and act like a jerk. oh ya, and share your photos on facebook tomorrow!

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