songs for style: the reflektors a.k.a. arcade fire.

from robin thicke and miley cyrus to justin bieber and pink, i just can't take most of today's music "artists." sorry if i offend and sorry to jump on the "i'm too cool" hipster bandwagon (hey, i am in la now, afterall. it had to happen eventually). but besides jack white - and more recently, lorde - there just aren't many musicians of the 2010s who combine originality and talent. 

don't believe me? "the fox" song by ylvis is #6 on the billboard hot 100 this week. and i agree with it.

thank god for arcade fire. or the reflektors. or whatever they're going by lately. "a" showed me their recent performance on the colbert report from earlier this week and i'm smitten once again.

with songs that don't at all sound the same, interesting instrument combinations, creatively unpretentious stage presence, cool ass style and their technologically advanced music videos with google chrome, they're the complete package.

now i just need to get my hands on tickets to their hollywood concert this tuesday in that not so "secret location."

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