hallowednesday: how to be a fashion icon.

over the years, i've had a case of split personality. it comes once, sometimes twice, a year. it started as britney. then amy. next as angelina...the list goes on and on. that's because i've thankfully long moved on from the days of being a beer bottle for halloween (don't ask...it was college), and moved onto fashion icons.

that's right. i'm not really a fan of the standard costume from the party shop, especially when it involves a five-inch skirt, thigh-highs and a mini hat. i like to get creative, and somehow celebrities, particularly those with a special sense of style, have been my muses.

with only a week left, i thought i'd share some of the past photos to give you an idea of where i might be headed this year...that is, if i can find someone to go with me to the weho carnaval

this is how it all started...britney spears from the charlie and the chocolate factory premiere, which was a costume i pulled from my closet in 10 minutes. you may not recognize it now, but i assure you that back in 2005, the kids knew who i was supposed to be with this "i have the golden ticket" tank and faux baby bump. i even had the matching brown maxi skirt before it "maxi" was a daily fashion term.

the bouffant fell a little by the time of this photo, unfortunately. i rocked the amy winehouse look - before her ripped shirt and no shoes drug charade - to moonfest, the palm beaches' greatest halloween bash on and around clematis in downtown. momma did my tattoos and my grams - a.k.a. mémé - helped me style the overall look for a full-on family affair.

sadly i didn't get any good full-length photos from this particular year to get the full effect, but i was pregnant angelina jolie...long black dress, mom-designed tattoos (again!), a long silky wig, oversized glasses, oversized lips and, of course, a plethora of multi-cultural baby dolls to complete the costume. i won several contests that year. i also had a guy question me on my beer purchase, so i knew the pregnant belly at least looked a little more real than the first time around.

depending on how long you've been reading this blog, you may or may not know about my obsession with lady gaga. that's why this one from a few years ago was one of my favorites. and yes, i wore an american apparel leotard with no pants, even though i opted not to show that here. my vintage leather vest came in handy too, but the florida night got hot fast, hence why it's not shown here.

practically my whole life, i wanted to do group or partner/couple costumes, but none of my friends would ever agree to my weirdness. thankfully, my guy is on board now...as long as i choose his favorite things as the theme! i already owned the green dress (not strapless, but whatever), bought the necklace at goodwill and had the wig from islands of adventure for about two years before i ever wore it. i think my makeup skills would've been better if we didn't buy the cheap stuff.

p.s. yes, i consider marge a style icon. she was wayyy ahead of the colored hair chalk trend.

now let's go pack and play a game of guess who the other character is in these pics.

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